Vahtralehekirjaga sõrmikud

ERM-i kogudes on lisaks kinnastele ning kindakatketele ka kindakirju. Üks neist meeldib mulle eriti. Vahtralehekirja olen kudunud ka varasemalt ning kahtlustan, et see sõrmikupaar ei jää viimaseks.

Kirja ERM-i kogudest leiad siit:

In Estonian National Museum can be found many beautiful mittens, gloves and pieces of old mittens. But also old knittingpatterns. This one, called “mapple leaf pattern” is one of my favorites. I have knitted it before and am quite sure that this is not last pair with this pattern.

Original pattern can be found there:

One comment

  1. Oh my word! It’s so lovely to see you back in this space — hope you’ve been well. Those mittens are amazing! ❤

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