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Undiin by Kristi EverstU n d i i n by Kristi EverstUndiin by Kristi Everst

Armastan väljakutseid ning olen avatud kõikvõimalikele kudumisega seotud koostööpakkumistele. Olen rõõmus, kui võtad minuga ühendust.

Kristi Everst

mina ja määgu


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  1. Yarn question. You call for wool roving for the Hilda Mittens and a 4mm needles (I’m Canadian so mm works great for me!). Wool roving is a 5 yarn gauge (bulky) and calls for 6mm. And the photo of the yarn looks more worsted weight 4 yarn gauge which is a 4 mm -4.5 mm gauge. Could you please clarify a yarn weight? I love these mittens and I am planning to make them for my daughter for Christmas. Thank you for such a lovely pattern and great blog. Colleen

    1. Hi Colleen – it could be that wool roving in Canadia and Estonia are different. Mine is handmade. Please do not follow my pattern step-by-step, this is just suggestion and for inspiration. You may use differnt yarns and needles, just be sure that they are 100% of wool.

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