2017 kokkuvõte

Uus aasta on küll juba alanud aga teen siiski veel ühe lühikese piltides kokkuvõtte 2017 aasta traditsioonilistest kinnastest. Nende kõrvale mahtus küll muud kudumist ka aga mulle omale kõige südamelähedasem ja kõige enam põnevust pakkuv on siiski just kinnaste kudumine. Kokku sai neid sel aastal vardale ja vardalt maha täpselt 11 paari.

New year is already started, but here are some pictures from traditional gloves and mittens knitted during 2017. Although there were many other knitting projects in previous year, traditional knitting is undeniably my favorite one. Here they are – 11 pairs from 2017.



  1. All of your mittens are stunning! Your belt in the second-to-last photo is also lovely! Did you make it as well?

    1. Thank you, Sarah! This belt was made by my grandaunt and belongs to Kullamaa folk costume. Actually i have a dream that maybe some day i can make my own traditional costume.

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