Tori kihelkonna kinnastest inspireeritud käpikud

Aeg-ajalt on mul lausa vajadus kududa sini-valgeid kindaid. Nende puhul tunnen alati, et need on just need kõige rohkem “minu” kindad. Seekord sain inspiratsiooni imeilusatest Tori kihelkonna käpikutest, mis on valmistatud aastal 1878 ja peenest lõngast. Minu kindale sai mustrikordi palju vähem aga ilus on see kindakiri ka sellisel kujul.





    1. Thank you! From estonian mittens i like myself most of all also blue-white mittens. Usually they were knitted with very thin needles.

      1. 🙂 I was gifted a very similar pair by a good friend from Germany. I love the design so much and I am still working on getting my knitting as gorgeous as yours.

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