Kolm täpilist ja lambad






    1. Thank you! This is the most beautiful compliment i have ever had, because this is exactly the reason why i like to take photos. I really and deeply love my country and this is so great if i can do something to introduce it to you all. In Estonia we have a saying that people have orings in the place where they have born or where they feel they belong. This is the place where i belong.

      1. I must be the one thanking you. You are so fortunate to stay in such a beautiful country. I love the outside and nature and animals. I try and spend time outdoors when I can. I love mountains and wildlife. I grew up on a farm, but now live in the big city. 🙂 City is nice, but never as beautiful as the farm and mountains.
        I love to follow what you do and enjoy it tremendously. Your knitting is gorgeous. I hope to one day also knit such gorgeous colourwork. 🙂
        Thanks again. Love your blog!!

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